Practice Areas

Setting The Standards

Auto Accidents
  • $51.6 million verdict for a 19 year old woman who suffered brain damage in a motor vehicle collision after defendant ran a red light.
  • $5.5 million settlement for a Caltrans worker struck by a motorist on the freeway.
  • $3.6 million settlement for a motorist who suffered severe abdominal injuries after being struck by a commercial truck.
Bicycle Accidents
  • $34.5 million verdict for a 40 year old high school science teacher who was paralyzed when he collided with a commercial truck parked in a designated bike lane.
  • $10 million verdict against the City of Los Angeles, Department of Water and Power, for a young woman who was paralyzed when she struck a light pole lying in the road.
  • $3 million settlement for a 68 year old pedestrian who suffered a brain injury after being struck by an out of control bicyclist flying down a hill.
Boating Accidents
  • $21.7 million verdict for a 12 year old passenger on a jet ski who was struck by a boat. We showed that a defective steering feature associated with the jet ski caused the collision.
Brain Injury
  • $22.5 million verdict for a 38 year old nurse, who suffered brain damage when her vehicle was struck on the 101 freeway in Ventura County.
  • $10 million verdict against a construction company that was working on a public roadway. The plaintiff suffered permanent brain damage in the resulting collision.
Burn Injuries
  • $8.1 million verdict for a man who was severely burned while filling a propane tank on a motor home.
  • $3.5 million settlement for a customer at a gas station who was burned when an attendant allowed propane to escape from dispensing equipment while filling a propane tank.
  • $3 million settlement for a man who suffered severe burn injuries when a smoke detector failed to activate.
Child Sex Abuse
  • $6 million settlement for three children who were sexually molested by a teacher’s aide at a local school district.
Dangerous Premises
  • $35 million settlement for the child of a pregnant woman who was injured before birth when her mother slipped in a retail store on a slippery surface.
  • $8 million settlement against a school district for a 62 year old grandfather who became paralyzed when he fell in a hole at a soccer field watching his granddaughter’s game.
  • $1.2 million for the family of a 92 year old man who was struck by a truck leaving a construction site.
Dangerous Road Conditions
  • $6.3 million for the surviving parents of two teenage passengers killed in a car accident when the driver lost control after hitting a “dip” in the road. The condition was known to locals to have caused many accidents in the past yet Caltrans refused to fix it.
  • $2.7 million settlement for the surviving husband and daughter of a 24 year old woman who was killed when her vehicle left the road and went down an embankment and struck a tree.
Drowning Accidents
  • $2 million wrongful death settlement against a city following the drowning death of a special needs girl who was attending a city run summer camp.
  • $1.8 million wrongful death settlement against a luxury resort following the drowning of a 3 year old boy at the facility.
Insurance Bad Faith
  • $20.3 million verdict for an immigrant family that lost their business when their insurance company refused to pay full benefits under a “business interruption” policy when their business burned down due to arson.
  • $4.6 million “bad faith” verdict against State Farm Insurance Co. for failing to settle a lawsuit against its insured arising out of an auto accident.
  • $326,000 “bad faith” verdict against GEICO Insurance Co. for failing to pay a $15,000 vehicle property damage claim.
  • $4.5 million bad faith recovery for a widow whose husband was killed by the insured motorist.
Motorcycle Accidents
  • $3.2 million settlement for a motorcyclist who was seriously injured when a van driven by an employee of a major movie production studio pulled out in front of him at an intersection.
  • $1.2 million settlement for a motorcyclist who broke his leg when he collided with a vehicle that pulled in front him. The other driver was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident.
Nursing Home Injuries
  • $1 million policy limits wrongful death settlement for the surviving son of a facility resident who went missing after being dropped at a bus stop. The resident suffered from dementia, which was known to the facility. He was found deceased several weeks after he went missing.
  • $350,000 verdict for a nursing facility resident who was beaten by another resident.
  • $22.6 million verdict for a young worker who suffered paralysis during construction work on renovations to the Los Angeles Coliseum.
  • $13.5 million settlement for a man who was paralyzed in a traffic collision while driving his family home from church. Due to the negligent placement of construction signs and other site obstructions at the subject intersection, a vehicle pulled out in front of our client causing a major collision.
Pedestrian Accidents
  • $2.5 million verdict for the surviving daughters of a 26 year old father who was struck in a crosswalk by a vehicle.
  • $10.9 million settlement for two cyclists struck by an 84 year old driver at a mobile home park.
Physical Assault Incidents
  • $12.5 million verdict to a woman infected by her spouse with the HIV virus. The case established new precedent on the standards for liability related to the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • $12 million wrongful death verdict to the mother of a 30 year old woman killed at her apartment complex by a handyman employed by the building. The handyman had a record of assaults when he was hired by the building, and had access to every unit in the complex.
  • $2.2 million settlement when a bar patron was shot by a gang member.
Product Defects
  • $25.5 million verdict for a girl who was ejected from a vehicle when the passenger door on her vehicle opened during an accident. In a precedent setting case, we established that strict products liability applied to the mold maker for the door even though the company did not actually manufacture the door.
  • $15 million wrongful death verdict for the parents of two sisters who were killed when their vehicle collided head on with a big rig. The PT Cruiser was under recall for a power steering hose leak which could cause a driver to lose control. The rental company (Enterprise Rent a Car) leased the vehicle to the girls even though the recall problem had not been fixed. Because of the lawsuit and related media attention, Congress passed new legislation barring rental companies from leasing vehicles to customers without addressing outstanding recalls.
  • Multimillion dollar confidential wrongful death settlement arising out of a widely reported unintended acceleration problem associated with certain vehicles sold in the U.S.
  • $10 million settlement for the wrongful death of a child exposed to toxic fumes from a flooring adhesive.
  • $6.9 million settlement against the manufacturer of a harness after a hunter fell from a tree when his harness came unbuckled.
  • $5 million wrongful death verdict against a scuba gear manufacturer following a drowning incident.
Workplace Accidents
  • $26.9 million verdict for the family of a 26 year old union carpenter who was killed on a job site when a concrete form wall structure collapsed.
  • $6 million settlement for the family of a worker who was crushed to death while working at a cargo facility at the LAX airport.
  • $4 million verdict for a camera man injured during a photo shoot in a desert in Africa while filming a remake of “Flight of the Phoenix” for 20th Century Fox Studios.